85 Exxon FBOs rebrand as Phillips 66 Aviation

Eighty-five FBOs formerly with Exxon have joined the Phillips 66 Aviation network of branded dealers.

The expansion of the Phillips 66 Aviation network heralds the beginning of the company’s 85th year providing fuel, lubricants and support programs to the general aviation industry, according to officials.

The 85 former Exxon FBOs add a significant West Coast presence to the Phillips 66 Aviation network, which now offers pilots and flight departments 866 branded dealers nationwide. ExxonMobil last year announced it will no longer sell 100LL under its Avitat-branded FBOs.

World Fuel Services will serve all of the newest members of Phillips 66 Aviation network. World Fuel markets, sells and distributes aviation, marine and land fuel products in more than 200 countries and territories.

“Having 85 Exxon sites join our branded network is the culmination of a collaborative relationship between World Fuel and Phillips 66 Aviation,” explains Rick Duste, Director, Branded Sales for Phillips 66 Aviation.

The list of Phillips 66 FBO programs includes the WingPoints Rewards Program, which rewards repeat fuel purchases; Partners-Into-Plane contract fuel, the industry’s first pre-approved fuel program; a corporate credit card accepted at more than 7,500 locations; and a host of other offerings such as the Phillips 66 national refueler fleet program.

For more information: Phillips66Aviation.com.

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