Flight Design launches E-Z Upgrade program

Flight Design has launched an incentive program to present-day buyers of its CTLS Light-Sport Aircraft, who can gain a delivery position for the German company’s coming four seater, the C4, plus an additional discount.

“Purchase a new Flight Design CTLS, MC or Supralight aircraft [for European customers] and have an exciting, new Flight Design C4 placed on order in your name under the preferential C4 ‘Early Bird’ order program,” said John Doman, director of business development and global sales and marketing.

He explained that the initial C4 deposit of $7,000 (US) will be “fully funded” by Flight Design. “At the time of delivery of your C4, this deposit amount will be credited toward the balance due along with an additional discount of US $10,000,” he said. “Total credit amount at delivery of your new C4: US $17,000.”

“This new program offers exceptional value to CTLS customers who may wish to upgrade to a larger Flight Design later,” noted Flight Design USA President Tom Peghiny. “This C4 E-Z Upgrade program joined with our recently announced eXtended Protection (XP) Warranty demonstrates how hard we are working to give the best prices and values to our customers. We respect the close relationship we have with our buyers and we are determined to maintain and improve it.”

The C4 E-Z Upgrade program is valid until April 30. The C4 E-Z Upgrade benefit is valid only for the original purchaser of a new CTLS, MC or Supralight under the program and is not transferable. Additional deposits toward the purchase of a C4 will be due when the prototype makes its first flight and five months prior to delivery, company officials said. Those additional deposits must be made as required or the C4 E-Z Upgrade benefit will be forfeited, they add.

For more information: FlightDesign.com


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