Do you remember your first air show?

Do you remember going to your first air show? Were you a kid or was it just last year? Was it when you took your kids for the first time? There are almost as many stories as there are air show fans.

Over the last year, LiveAirShowTV has been asking people in the air show industry about their first show.

Michael Goulian

“This has been a fun story for everyone,” said Jeff Lee, LiveAirShowTV President. “During the course of an interview some performers would tell us about seeing something amazing at an air show as a kid. We took that thought and started asking people about their earliest memories during almost every interview we’ve done. A lot of them are alike, but in one way or another everyone had a specific moment when they knew they HAD to be involved in air shows in some way.”

In this first installment of an on-going series, Lee interviews performers Skip Stewart, Matt Chapman, John Klatt, Michael Goulian, and air show announcer Larry Strain. Lee said, “No matter how much time had passed, every person’s eyes lit up and that excitement returns as if it was yesterday.”

Skip Stewart

There will be more “episodes” in this series in the future. “We also want to know what air show fans remember about their first air show,” he said. “Watch the video and find out how YOU can be involved in this on-going story.”



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