Eclipse releases iPad app

Eclipse Aerospace has released the Eclipse Quick Reference Application (Eclipse QRA) for the Apple iPad, available exclusively for owners of the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. The app gives pilots the ability to use an iPad as a flight-planning tool and for inflight reference documentation.

The Eclipse QRA includes a weight and balance flight planning tool, interactive flight checklists, and performance planning tools. In addition, the Eclipse QRA is capable of providing digital copies of the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) and the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), complete with updated downloads of Temporary Revisions and other pertinent customer communications, according to company officials.

“Eclipse Aerospace is excited to provide our customers with the highest quality aviation tools to allow them to get the most from their Eclipse Jets,” states Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland. “By placing all required information for the preparation and conduct of a flight in a single, easy to use solution, we are continuing the focus of Eclipse to reduce pilot workload, enhance safety, and increase situational awareness in flight.”

Using the Eclipse QRA, pilots can quickly and accurately calculate their mission, he noted. The data can be saved for future use, or for when things change at the last minute. Extra luggage or additional passengers are easily updated within the app to adjust calculations on the fly. The data can also be emailed directly out of the app to the pilot, dispatcher, or other relevant party.

As the pilot begins their planning, the Eclipse QRA walks them through critical aspects of their mission: Weight and Balance, Fuel Planning, and Performance (Takeoff, Cruise, and Landing). It provides full checklist and Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) functionality, allowing pilots to work their way through all checklists with easy to track completion reminders.

The Eclipse QRA full feature set includes:

Checklists: Startup, Taxi, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Approach, Landing, Shutdown

Weight & Balance: Configure your jet’s seat layout by dragging seats along their tracks and enter the passenger weights with a flick of your finger. Specify your existing fuel load and how much fuel to add, and the Eclipse QRA calculates the uplift in gallons automatically. A real time CG graph shows your CG envelope.

Fuel Planning: Enter distance to destination, planned descent type (normal, idle, early), MCT or LRC power, cruise altitude, winds, and ISA temperature, and the Eclipse QRA returns fuel to destination, time en route, fuel remaining at destination, and nautical mile range at destination.

Performance Lookup (Takeoff, Cruise, Landing): Takeoff: Enter field OAT, Elevation, and Takeoff Weight, and the Eclipse QRA computes runway requirements, climb weight limitations (climb / tire speed), v50 climb data, and vSpeeds. Optionally enter wind and runway slope to fine-tune the results further.

Takeoff Minimums: Enter the ft/nm-altitude requirements from a departure procedure, and the Eclipse QRA will show you the required gradient and the Eclipse’s Vy performance in both normal and engine out configurations at that altitude.

Climb and Cruise: Enter OAT, altitude, and weight and the Eclipse QRA computes the Fuel Flow, KTAS, nm/100 lbs. for both MCT, LRC, and S/E LRC. No need to calculate the LRC FF manually. Trilinear interpolation yields numbers within 2-3 knots and 2-5 lbs/hr accuracy. Climb to altitude and Vy climb at altitude are also displayed.

Descent and Landing: Enter field OAT, elevation, and takeoff weight, and the Eclipse QRA computes runway requirements, vSpeeds, and balked landing performance. Optionally enter wind and runway slope to fine-tune the results further.

Emergency Procedures: Quickly find any CAS Message or Un-announciated Procedure in the color coded, searchable list. Touching a message shows a full-page action page (scrollable) from the QRH.

Aircraft Manuals: Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM): The Eclipse QRA is not only capable of displaying the Aircraft Flight Manual, but an automatic check performed at routine intervals looks for updates to the manual and any recent Temporary Revisions or other critical customer communications. These updates are automatically displayed within the application in order to keep the pilot up to date with any changes in the Eclipse Jet flight manual.

Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM): Eclipse Jet Maintenance Manuals can also be displayed within the Eclipse QRA. Updates are provided automatically, giving maintenance technicians quick and easy access to the most up to date maintenance information for the Eclipse Jet.

The Eclipse QRA, including pre-flight planning, flight calculators, electronic AFM and checklists is a free service for Eclipse Customers. The Eclipse QRA is made available exclusively for qualified Eclipse Jet Owners and Eclipse Jet type-rated pilots by emailing

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