Applications now being accepted for SOaR Summer Camp

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation, in conjunction with the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission and South Carolina Aviation Association, is now accepting applications for its SOaR Aviation Aerospace Summer Camp.

The summer camp will be held July 15-20, at the University of South Carolina. The camp is open to current high school sophomore and junior students from all school districts in the State of South Carolina.

The SOaR Summer Camp is South Carolina’s first Aviation and Aerospace summer camp. The concepts covered will include: physics, complex mathematics, basic engineering and design, problem solving skills, and leadership skills. Activities for the week-long camp will include: a basic ground phase flight instruction class, a Cessna 172 cross-country flight, a history of aviation course, a physics of flight course, a Project SOaR Leadership Academy course, a trip to the Challenger Learning Center, a “Fun with Rockets” activity, a tour of the USC Engineering School, basic aircraft maintenance skills course at the State Aeronautics Commission, “From Airfoils to Airframes” wind tunnel activity, and a career night with guest speakers.

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation is looking for highly motivated students who are seeking to advance their knowledge of the aviation and aerospace fields. This opportunity will not only expose students to once-in-alifetime educational experiences, but also place them with employers and employees of the top aeronautics companies of South Carolina, according to foundation officials.

Applications are due by March 30. Selection will be completed and students notified by April 25.

For more information: 803-708-4752,

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