HawkeyeLink launches

Blue Sky Network has introduced the portable HawkeyeLink Bluetooth device that enables hands-free Iridium phone calls and two-way messaging on users’ smartphones in an aircraft.

After downloading the custom BSN app, HawkeyeLink uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an Android smartphone. Pilots and passengers as far as 30 meters away can now utilize their phones over the Iridium Network for portable, hands-free communication anywhere in the air, according to company officials.

HawkeyeLink’s full capabilities are available when used with the Blue Sky Network’s D1000A/C modems. It can send email messages through the Iridium network to Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter portal or any email address. Users of Blue Sky Network D1000 series can deploy Bluetooth connectivity with HawkeyeLink via Blue Sky Network’s bulkhead adapter installed into the control panel.

“Blue Sky Network’s HawkeyeLink is a natural progression of wireless communications in aircraft,” said Jon Gilbert, founder and CEO of Blue Sky Network. “This solution is elegant and simple. All you need to do is download an app from the Android store, and you are ready to use your own mobile phone for hands-free communication over the global Iridium network.”

For more information: BlueSkyNetwork.com



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