Associations ‘unwavering’ in bid for driver’s license medical

Officials at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) say they are “unwavering in their effort to open more aircraft to pilots using a driver’s license and medical self-assessment,” despite the FAA’s recent denial of a request to expand the driver’s license medical to private pilots flying aircraft 6,000 pounds or less. On Feb. 2, the FAA denied a 2009 petition by David Wartofsky, owner of Potomac Airfield in Maryland, that had received more than 1,000 supportive comments, including comments from AOPA. Read more about the efforts here.


  1. John says

    i have been thu hell trtyngto get mt phtysically    spent over two yjousand dollars and  mothing ssme answer DO IT AGAIN i can not efford to DO IT AGAIN I was neverrwfused i just run out ot money,I have a familt  to feed. john 2614@att,net………

  2. pilotman says


    I agree, however under the current system, with a current medical the pilot is still responsible to be in proper condition to fly the plane.  If the DL system works successfully, that would be great. 

  3. karlschneider says

    It seems obvious to me that a pilot’s own assessment of his physical condition at flight departure time is probably at least as valid as the opinion of an AME from months or a couple years ago.

  4. pilotman says

    I am all for keeping things simple, and less regulation, however i am not sure that everyone who possesses a drivers license is physically able to safely fly a plane.Usually the only check for a DL is an eye test.  There are certainly a lot of pilots who would be perfectly safe and qualified under such a system, and there are some who are not safe under the current system.

    My guess is that most insurance companies would require a regular FAA physical before issuing a policy, at least above a certain age. 

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