New approach to accelerated instrument training

Avia IFR Training Centers now offers an accelerated instrument rating program that combines advanced flight simulation devices, glass equipped aircraft, and a proprietary curriculum that focuses on real-world experience.

“Instrument training is serious business. Learning to fly safely and proficiently as a single pilot in today’s challenging IFR environment requires a multi-faceted training program rooted in modern competencies; not solely in maneuvers contained in the antiquated practical test standards,” says Cary Green, Avia’s Chief Flight Instructor.

“In designing our 14-day instrument certification course, we started by identifying the essential technical and aeronautical decision making skills that needed to be mastered by our graduates. We then examined every aspect of the program to ensure we could deliver a rich and enjoyable training experience that would foster sound judgment in addition to traditional flight proficiency.”

Avia’s FAA approved Part 141 curriculum incorporates advanced flight training devices to provide students with a comfortable and productive learning environment. Skills are honed in the device before transitioning into the school’s glass-cockpit aircraft featuring video recorders. The course concludes with a multi-day extended cross-country trip that gives students exposure to real world challenges and better prepares them for single-pilot IFR operations.

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