WingX expands with Passive RADAR

Hilton Software has introduced new Passive RADAR Altimeter technology for the iPad and iPhone. The Passive RADAR Altimeter displays terrain elevation and the aircraft’s approximate AGL; together with Dynamic Terrain Overlays and Synthetic Vision, WingX Pro7 is designed to reduce the risk of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), according to company officials.

WingX Pro7 Version 6.2 also adds Flight Simulation Mode that enables pilots to pre-fly an entire flight, portion of a flight, or an approach into an airport. Version 6.2’s Moving Map integrates Descent Profile Information that displays descent and landing information to the destination airport or runway touchdown zone.

Dr. Goldstein, Hilton Software LLC’s CEO says “We are driven by our desire to increase aviation safety and efficiency. Our new ‘no hardware, no wires’ Passive RADAR Altimeter solution is revolutionary in mobile aviation computing. WingX Pro7’s new Simulation Mode gives pre-flight a whole new meaning by driving all the pieces of WingX Pro7 including the Moving Map and Synthetic Vision. This enables pilots to simulate an approach into an airport while viewing and interacting with WingX Pro7 as though the approach was actually being flown. Instead of developing a simulator that runs on a desktop, we built flight simulation into the iPad. Another great feature in WingX Pro7 is the addition of Descent Profile Information that not only displays VNAV-like information, but also displays which runway the aircraft is approaching, thereby reducing the risk of a runway incursion. We’ve also added tighter integration with Google Earth that enables pilots to view their planned route in Google Earth.”

WingX Pro7 Version 6.2 is a free update for registered users and is available now for download from the App Store and iTunes.

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