Tracking software now available for general aviation pilots

Flight & Aircraft Services Tracking has released a new software package designed to provide single-engine and owner-operated aircraft with the same capabilities available to larger commercial operators. FAST-FLIGHT monitors key pilot and aircraft data, parts inventories, flight information, and regulatory and service bulletins.

“Owners and pilots of single-engine and light twin engine airplanes face many of the same challenges and requirements of flight departments and large business and commercial aircraft operators — especially when it comes to dealing with Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SBs), and maintenance intervals, but up until now, they haven’t had a means of tracking that and other pertinent information,” noted Andres Darvasi, president of FAST-FLIGHT. “The ‘big iron’ flyers can avail themselves of ‘power-by-the-hour’ flight monitoring programs that are offered by airframe and engine manufacturers that remind them of upcoming service requirements, maintain parts inventories, and create a comprehensive maintenance file on their airplanes. These service plans also make it possible for operators to anticipate and budget for virtually all of their predictable expenses, making it easier to identify potential savings and provide accurate and fact-based information on their costs of operation.

“As an owner/pilot, I was looking for a mechanism that would allow me to keep track of components, important dates that couldn’t be missed, costs, and information that is required in order to comply with regulations and maintain the safety and efficiency of my airplane, but all of the existing programs were designed for big operators. That’s why I decided to create a software package that would do all of those things and provide me with an easy-to-update and automatic reminder of things like supplier names and addresses, service intervals, and store that and flight data where I can access it and generate reports and document performance. FAST-FLIGHT does all of those things and eliminates most of the typical owner anxiety issues.”

For a one-time registration fee of $100 and a monthly subscription of $19.99, operators can automatically flag ADs and SBs from the FAA, customize the software to maintain parts inventories, IRS trip logs, warranties, receipts, Purchase Orders, oil changes and even discrepancies, for one airplane or a fleet.

For more information:  or 202-386-6767.



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