Flashlight Firestarter now at Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce now carries the new ion Flashlight Firestarter.

During outdoor adventures, flights over remote areas, or in any emergency survival situation, there are two pieces of equipment that you never want to be without: a flashlight and a firestarter. The two items have now been combined into one lightweight, compact, product called the ion Flashlight Firestarter.

The ion Flashlight Firestarter is a flashlight, a firestarter, and a magnetic tool. Both ends of the ion Flashlight Firestarter can be used as a magnetic tool to retrieve dropped metal objects. The ion Flashlight Firestarter is water proof and shock resistant

The energy efficient ion Flashlight Firestarter will work in any environment while using a super bright (but energy efficient) white LED for illumination, according to company officials. One set of batteries will provide illumination for 48 continuous hours (maximum). The life expectancy of the super bright white LED is 50,000 hours

The ion Flashlight Firestarter is priced at $129.95. For more information: 877-477-7823 and reference part number 13-11695 or shop online at AircraftSpruce.com





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