Flight Guide iEFB v4.2 released

Airguide Publications has released v4.2, a free update for the Flight Guide iEFB iPad application.

“Flight Guide iEFB v4.2 is a major update that includes Guardian Aero 454 integration for a wireless ‘Flight Plan’ link to Garmin GPS receivers, Seamless Chart Layer tool, NEXRAD Weather Overlays on seamless Flight Planning Charts, Search/Add Waypoints on Seamless Charts, Auto Route Airways for Flight Planning, Helicopter Seamless Charts and Civil Air Patrol Grid Charts Overlay with visual ‘Cookie Crumbs’ option on all VFR and IFR Seamless Charts,” said Larry Garcia, owner of Airguide Publications. “These new features will greatly enhance the functionality of our iEFB App in the cockpit.”

iEFB v4.2 is the first to offer integration for the Aero 454 by CO Guardian, allowing a wireless link from a Garmin GPS receiver to Flight Guide iEFB. This includes the ability to receive GPS location for Moving Map capability, as well as create or edit a flight plan in a Garmin GPS receiver and have Flight Guide iEFB instantly show the edited change on its Seamless Chart and Flight Plan page.

iEFB v4.2 adds a special Chart Option Layer Tool for customizing overlays of specific data on all of our VFR & IFR Flight Planning Seamless charts. The NEXRAD Weather Overlay gives pilots the ability to see if current weather, with an internet connection, will affect their planned route. The weather display is customizable by using the opacity controller that makes the weather darker or lighter as desired.

Another Overlay option allows for depiction of a Compass Rose, that points towards magnetic north, for a useful visual of the course heading.

The Civil Air Patrol Overlay shows rectangular grids with quadrants and names to define each searchable area. The Moving Map feature allows CAP pilots to see their exact location on each grid. Furthermore, with the Cookie Crumb feature activated, CAP pilots can see exactly where they have flown during their entire trip. Using the Screen Capture Function, they can email their searched grid locations to whom ever needed.

iEFB v4.2 gives members more Advanced Flight Planning features including the ability to 1) enter User Waypoints (Airports, NAVIADS and Intersecitons) from the Flight Planning page to save time, 2) Search and add Waypoints from Seamless Charts, 3) Auto Route for Low or High Airways, and 4) see the Lat/Long location and distance from a current GPS location from anywhere tapped on the Chart.

Flight Guide iEFB is available for free through the Apple App Store. Monthly and discounted Annual Data Plans are available, as well as a 30-Day free trial.

For more information: FlightGuide.com or call 800-359-3591.




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