Flightline Group named Airvan dealer

GippsAERO, the Australian based manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan aircraft, has appointed Flightline Group, Inc. as the authorized dealer for the southeastern United States.

In support of the promising North American market for the GA8 Airvan, GippsAERO announced in July 2011 its intention to establish an assembly plant in North America and to build a comprehensive dealership network in North America.

Flightline Group, Inc., established in 1982, is a diverse, regional group of companies dedicated to providing aviation sales and support services through facilities in Tallahassee, Fla. (TLH), Vero Beach (VRB) and Memphis, Tenn. Flightline will represent GippsAERO products across a  nine state territory in the southeastern U.S., covering the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The GA8 Airvan is a single-engine, piston powered aircraft, available in a normally-aspirated or turbocharged version. The GA8 allows for seven individual forward-facing passenger seats and up to 32 cu.ft. of baggage space. The performance envelope and cabin design allows the aircraft to be used across a broad range of missions including passenger transport, freight transportation, special missions/law enforcement, humanitarian aid, search & rescue, ambulance/medivac, among others. Certified to U.S. FAR23 Amendment 54/55, the Airvan is has a base price of $699,000.

GippsAERO is in the flight testing phase of its development program to bring the GA10 single-engine Rolls-Royce turbo-prop powered 10-seat aircraft to market. Construction of the manufacturing facility for the GA10 has begun in Australia, and Australian and FAA certification is expected in early 2013.

For more information: GippsAero.com




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