SmartDeck selected for new EV-55 Outback

Esterline CMC Electronics’ SmartDeck integrated avionics suite has been selected by Evektor of the Czech Republic, for the multipurpose EV-55 Outback aircraft.

The EV-55 is a new-generation, twin-engine turboprop aircraft designed to replace older utility piston aircraft and offer a more reliable and powerful alternative to single-engine turboprop aircraft. Its key features include a flexible cabin, offering a variety of configurations that range from 9- to 14-passenger versions, to an all-cargo layout. Its takeoff and landing characteristics allow the aircraft to operate from short, unpaved strips in hot and high-altitude airport conditions.

Jaroslav R?ži?ka, Evektor’s chairman of the board, stated: “We are pleased to announce our selection of the Esterline CMC Electronics innovative SmartDeck cockpit for the EV-55 Outback. This user friendly and well organized flight deck will give pilots exceptional situational awareness to make flying safer and easier. The advanced design and scalability of the SmartDeck cockpit will support the additional features required for our special mission versions of the EV-55. ”

A prototype of the new Evektor EV-55 turboprop made its first takeoff from Kunovice airport in the Czech Republic on June 24, 2011. Evektor will offer the aircraft in several versions: Passenger transport, cargo transport, a combined version with space for cargo in the cabin forward section and passenger seating in the rear, as well as search and rescue and surveillance versions for military applications.

Esterline CMC Electronics designs and produces electronics products for the aviation markets. Its principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago.



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