NavWorx ADS600 and WxBox now include Wi-Fi

NavWorx has added Wi-Fi to its ADS600 and WxBox line of ADS-B receivers and Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), which are designed to receive subscription-free aircraft traffic and aviation weather.

The top-of-the-line NavWorx ADS600-B transceiver delivers TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather and flight information to a variety of aircraft electronic displays. It is designed to meet FAA TSO-C154c and is FCC Approved.

The company’s WxBox is an ADS-B receiver that sends the same traffic, weather and flight information wirelessly to a variety of display devices. Both units provide this data subscription-free as part of the nationwide ADS-B aircraft tracking network.

ADS-B brings pilots enhanced situational awareness and improved air traffic safety, officials said. The ADS600-B and WxBox are designed to capture and display this freely broadcast information directly in the cockpit. The ADS600-B and WxBox can be installed on both experimental and certified aircraft when it meets the FAA’s “portable installation guidelines.”

The NavWorx product line consists of the ADS600 and PADS600, both ADS-B receivers designed for certified, experimental, and light-sport aircraft. The ADS600-B is a remotely mounted unit designed to meet TSO-C154c UAT ADS-B Equipment Operating on Frequency of 978 MHz, pending FAA TSO. The ADS600-B takes full advantage of the free broadcast of traffic and weather under the FAA-mandated NexGen ADS-B network.

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