Record your flights with NFlightcam Cockpit Video Cameras

Now at Sporty’s are two new models of NFlightcam Cockpit Video cameras ideal for CFIs, students and owners.

The NFlightcam is compact and portable, so you can take it on every flight: Record your landing at a unique airport, preserve the memory of your first solo cross-country, or post an aerobatic flight to YouTube.

These cameras are also great for flight instructors and student pilots: you can quickly review a flight lesson, including all cockpit audio, during a post-flight briefing, according to Sporty’s officials, who say it is a great way to reinforce in-cockpit lessons, and it saves time and money in the airplane.

“The NFlightcam Plus is feature-packed and easy to use, but now we also offer the NFlightcam Sport which is even easier to use and a great value,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

The NFlightcam Sport takes just one button to get you recording. It comes with a tough aluminum case, which is also waterproof to one meter. Dual lasers allow for precise alignment of the lens, and a permanently attached aviation audio cable lets you record intercom and ATC transmissions.

Both models of the NFlightcam include a simple one-button operation to record at full 1080p HD video along with a custom aviation headset interface to record all audio. The NFlightcam takes up almost no space in the cockpit and weighs less than 6 oz. The camera lens can be rotated to mount the camera at any angle.

“The NFlightcam comes with software so you can edit and share your videos with friends on either Macs or PCs,” says Zimmerman.

The NFlightcam Sport [8085A] is available for $299 and the NFlightcam Plus [9340A] is available for $499.

For more information: or 800-SPORTYS.

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