Lindbergh Foundation and LEAP merge

The LEAP Electric Flight Program, which includes the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize, is now a program of the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation.

The directors of the Lindbergh Foundation and Creative Solutions Alliance, the nonprofit organization that runs LEAP, felt that since the missions of both organizations are so closely aligned, it made sense to combine efforts to create a joint program that will make a lasting impact on the future of aviation, officials said.

“We are very excited about this development,” said Lindbergh Foundation Chairman and CEO Larry Williams.   “The LEAP program is an ideal addition to the Lindbergh Foundation’s programming, particularly for our Aviation Green Alliance program. The addition of the LEAP program will allow us to expand our efforts in green aviation initiatives, and offers a new audience for the Foundation.”

Inspired by the legacy of Charles Lindbergh, the XPRIZE Foundation and pioneers throughout history, the LEAP Electric Flight Program was founded to accelerate advances in the electric aircraft industry through a range of activities, from prizes to advocacy. In addition to the Lindbergh Prizes, LEAP is also the home of the Electric Aircraft Development Alliance (EADA), an electric aircraft industry group. LEAP’s high school education program supports the LEAP Electric Flight Program by connecting students with innovators. The students then showcase the industry through video storytelling.

“This is an electrifying time for general aviation,” said Erik Lindbergh, founder of LEAP. “Visionary thinkers are taking risks. The field is alive with novel approaches and is rich in activity and experimentation. I am excited about the great potential for advancement in electric aircraft, which I believe will change the way we move about the planet. Combining the energies of LEAP and the Lindbergh Foundation will help to accelerate the development of a green aviation industry.”

Lindbergh will continue to support and promote the LEAP program on behalf of the Lindbergh Foundation. Yolanka Wulff, LEAP CEO, will become the executive director of the Lindbergh Foundation.

“We have long desired to reach out to the high school audience with our balance message,” said Reeve Lindbergh, honorary chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation. “Through this merger of two very fine organizations, LEAP and the Lindbergh Foundation, we have the opportunity to reach young people and inspire in them a love of aviation and the environment. We hope that their relationship with the Lindbergh Foundation will be a lasting one, and that some of these bright young people may even apply for a Lindbergh Grant one day.”

“It’s thrilling that this announcement comes during the Lindbergh Foundation’s 35th anniversary year,” said Williams. “The LEAP program gives the Lindbergh Foundation a fresh initiative for the 21st century and holds tremendous promise for a successful future for the foundation as young people build an appreciation for aviation and the environment just as Charles Lindbergh did in the 1960s.”

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