PocketHorizon debuts

Logical Drive has released PocketHorizon, a battery-backed Standby Artificial Horizon (Attitude Indicator) for any airplane, running on any iOS device from an iPad 3 to an iPhone to an iPod touch, using OS 4.2 or higher.

The gyro is fully supported in the newer devices for quick response, but fully GPS-derived attitude is available in non-gyro devices with accurate but somewhat slower response, company officials said. PocketHorizon is GPS-assisted, and a WAAS GPS is required. It’s a dedicated app that fills the screen, which makes it easy to use with with smaller iOS devices, including the iPod touch. The app can be used in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation, and the display updates at 10 Hz even when using GPS-only attitude, officials add.

“While not FAA certified, we feel PocketHorizon can help the pilot to ‘keep the shiny side up’ while working alongside the other instruments in the airplane,” said Ted Cannaday, Logical Drive president. “It can even be used as a supplemental horizon in smaller airplanes that have no other attitude instrument.”

PocketHorizon is available now in the Apple App Store on all iOS devices.

For more information: Logical-Drive.com



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