Performers donated $250K, how much did you ‘donate’?

At a closing day media briefing, Sun ’n Fun president John ‘Lites’ Leenhouts said airshow performers donated $250,000 worth of performances to the fly-in this year. Lites was a few minutes late to the media briefing because he was thanking performers at the airshow safety briefing. “When a group donates $250,000 of services,” Lites said, “I think it is important to say thank you.”

Well, this got me to thinking. The Sun ’n Fun fly-in, as well Oshkosh and scores of other fly-ins and events, are much more than an airshow. These wonderful events are made up of companies and staff hoping to sell products and services, private aircraft owners hoping to enjoy “Spring Break for Pilots,” forum speakers, campers from all over the country, and many other classifications of attendees.

None of us receive remuneration from Sun ’n Fun for attending, and since we all make Sun ’n Fun what it is, I guess we could classify our visits as donations.

So, how much did you spend, or invest, to attend Sun ’n Fun this year? Click here and fill in an overly-simple form. No identifiable information will be collected, just total dollar amount and attendee classification. Please share with fellow attendees.

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