US Aviation posts strong five-year growth

Denton, Texas-based US Aviation Group has posted impressive growth since their 2006 founding. Starting with a flight training operation in 2006, co-founders Mike Sykes, Mark Taylor and Roper Vaughn added a variety of services and personnel through the end of 2011.

The aircraft fleet (ranging from 152s to a C-90 King Air) has grown to 77; hours flown increased from a few thousand to 52,000; employee headcount has expanded from a couple dozen to 175 with a payroll of $3.9 million (expected to top $4.6 million in 2012). To keep the fleet flying, shop hours increased six fold to 34,000.

“The growth has been phenomenal, but so has the response,” said Mike Sykes, who is president of US Aviation. “Our activity has increased every year and we hope to sustain that growth over the next five years.”

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