GA8 Airvan #175

GA8 Airvan #175 has rolled off the assembly line at GippsAERO in Morwell, Victoria, in Australia, which makes Airvan the most produced Australian designed and manufactured aircraft in history, company officials said. The event was marked with a ceremony at the GippsAero factory on Thursday April 5.

The title has until now been held by the N24 Nomad, however with the completion of the latest GA8 aircraft, the Airvan has now taken this title, officials add.

The prototype Airvan first flew on March 3, 1995, with certification following in December 2000. The first deliveries were made to Fraser Island Air later that month. Since then the aircraft has gained wide acceptance in the general aviation market, and is now flying in 34 countries worldwide, company officials said.

The aircraft has been adopted by a growing number of commercial operators in tourism, air taxi, skydive, and law enforcement segments. The previous record holder, the N24 Nomad, was designed and built by the Australian Government Aircraft Factories and had retained its position for a number of years. GippsAero acquired the type certificate for the Nomad in May 2008; and the company now holds the type certificates for the first and second highest volume commercial aircraft manufactured in Australia. The Airvan’s new title represents a new milestone for the company as it looks to further build on its dominance of the Australian aviation industry, and expand its worldwide market share.

Co-Founder Peter Furlong reflected, “Airvan number 175 is a truly remarkable achievement for GippsAero and everyone involved in the design and manufacture of the Airvan. I personally look forward to many more Airvan milestones in the future.”

Aircraft #175’s final destination is the United States, where it will begin work as the new American demonstrator aircraft.

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  1. Gorham says

    I am Very Sorry to tell you that this is not so !!! Jabiru has 1800 Aircraft flying around the World and is Australian designed and manufactured aircraft , so why would you say that 175 aircraft is a the most in Australia History ???
    Regards Shaun C Gorham.

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