Version 2.0 of Aviators Code of Conduct released

The Aviators Model Code of Conduct (AMCC)—Version 2.0 was recently released by the project’s Permanent Editorial Board.

Developed by a team of aviation professionals and drawing upon decades of research and experience, the code promotes ongoing improvements in flying quality and safety, according to officials. AMCC Version 2.0 reflects the knowledge and experience gained from extensive research, consultation, and draftsmanship of the many preceding versions, officials add.

John King of the King Schools remarked, “This is a wonderful contribution to the aviation industry. Aviation safety is a matter of ethics.What pilots care about determines how well they manage the risks of flight.”

The AMCC, a set of guidelines that is adaptable to each pilot and organizational need,

  • promotes flight and ground safety, professionalism, and pilot contributions to the aviation community and society at large,
  • encourages the development and adoption of good judgment, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility, and
  • supports improved communications between pilots, regulators, and others in the aviation industry.

The Code of Conduct has seven sections: (1) General Responsibilities of Aviators; (2) Passengers and People on the Surface; (3) Training and Proficiency; (4) Security; (5) Environmental Issues; (6) Use of Technology; and (7) Advancement and Promotion of Aviation.

The Aviators Model Code of Conduct Version 2.0 is the latest in a family of similar codes including the Aviation Maintenance Technicians Model Code of Conduct, the Flight Instructors Model Code of Conduct, the Glider Aviators Model Code of Conduct, the Light Sport Aviators Model Code of Conduct, the Seaplane Pilots Model Code of Conduct, and the Student Pilots Model Code of Conduct. Developed as a volunteer effort, each is available as a free public service along with supporting materials at



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