BlackBox partners with Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics and BlackBox Aviation Systems have partnered to give users of BlackBox Aviation Systems’ new BlackBox Aviation Data Manager, an aircraft and pilot record management solution for general aviation, direct access to aircraft performance and flight data via Aspen Avionics’ Connected Panel technology.

BlackBox Aviation Systems formally launched the public beta of BlackBox at this year’s Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. BlackBox is an “all in one” digital record management solution for general aviation pilots and aircraft owners that allows pilots and aircraft owners to automate the management of their pilot logbooks and maintenance logbooks, track currency and maintenance status, share flights, and much more, company officials said.

“Emerging companies like BlackBox are recognizing the potential of Connected Panel,” says Brad Hayden, vice president of marketing for Aspen Avionics. “There is a disconnect between cockpit technology and mobile devices. Connected Panel bridges that gap and also provides a blank canvas on which app developers like BlackBox can create new and exciting solutions for pilots to manage flight information.”

Enter Matthew Hale and BlackBox Aviation Systems. Along with co-founder, co-pilot, and long-time friend Madhav Reddy, Hale wanted to make a product that would take the pain out of keeping his aircraft records and pilot logbook up-to-date, and allow him to harness the power and convenience of digital records and the internet to easily review his flights and share information with flight instructors and mechanics without driving or flying a bag of paper records around.

“I was amazed at the technological gap in general aviation,” Hale said. “I can go to Google maps and look at satellite images of my family’s farm in Kansas. Flying there, I can listen to virtually any song in the world on my iPad while tracking my progress on a digital chart. But when I land, I have to handwrite everything into pretty much the same logbook that the Wright Brothers used. That didn’t make much sense.”

Soon after he began building the company, he learned about the soon-to-be launched Connected Panel by Aspen Avionics. “I was thrilled with the potential to partner with Aspen Avionics,” Hale said. “With direct access to flight data and, as Aspen continues to add additional partners and expand the capabilities of Connected Panel technology, engine and weather data, we can make flying faster, safer, and easier by turning records from a chore into a tool that teaches, troubleshoots, and tracks.”



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