Mogas sales on ‘temporary hold’ at Sonoma Jet Center

Sonoma Jet Center (SJC), located at Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa, Calif. reported in March they were selling ethanol-free 91 octane unleaded gasoline for aircraft use. According to SJC general manager, John Bridi, “a temporary hold has been placed on sales.” Paperwork and permitting appear to be the cause for the suspension, according to Bridi. He is hoping this will be squared up in a few days.

To test demand, SJC will sell the fuel as part of a six-month trial. Airport and government officials are allowing SJC to pump the fuel from 55-gallon drums prior to their making a significant infrastructure investment. To date, demand hasn’t been as consistent as avgas sales, but was getting better prior to the suspension. Stay tuned.

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