Klapmeier named ‘Industry Leader of the Year 2012’

Cirrus Aircraft CEO Dale Klapmeier was awarded German magazine Fliegermagazin’s prestigious “Industry Leader of the Year 2012” at AERO Friedrichshafen. The award recognizes leaders in general aviation whose work increases growth and interest in the industry and who exemplify innovation and ingenuity in their business.

“The committee is awarding Mr. Klapmeier ‘Industry Leader Of the Year 2012’ because of his pivotal accomplishments for Cirrus over the past year,” said Thomas Borchert, Editor-in-Chief of Fleigermagazin. “The company has emerged with great new direction and vision under Mr. Klapmeier’s strong leadership.  Some of the noteworthy accomplishments include: the sale of Cirrus to CAIGA that gives them a unique position to emerge in that market; the sale of the 5,000th airplane; and a host of innovative features for 2012 including Perspective Global Connect, which is of particular interest to European pilots,” said Borchert. “In addition, he must be recognized for his role as one of the founders of such an innovative aircraft manufacturer.”

“It is an honor to be recognized by the global general aviation industry,” said Dale Klapmeier.  “Our business focus has been on growing enthusiasm for general aviation around the world. Knowing that Cirrus is being acknowledged as an innovator is a huge accomplishment for our entire team.”


  1. Kent Misegades says

    Makes you wonder how these decisions are made.  I have great respect for the Klapmeiers, having turned their homebuilding hobby into an important aircraft manufacturer.  But recently I would not have praised them for leadership.   Cirrus has been on a financial and leadership roller-coaster for nearly its entire history, and selling out to China is hardly what I would call leadership.   It has been on-again-off-again for the Cirrus LSA, Cirrus Jet, and now Klapmeier is reviving a defunct Epic design which originated in the U.K., went belly-up in Bend, back to the U.K., now back to Maine, or is it WI?     That’s leadership?

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