Piper reports European sales stronger than expected

Piper Aircraft dealers in Europe have noted a sales trend toward new, more fuel-efficient business aircraft.

“We are seeing more buyers opt for new, more fuel-efficient aircraft as they downsize from twin-engine aircraft,” said Peter Winters, general manager of Winters Aviation, with sales responsibility in France and Belgium. “At the same time they are keeping their cabin-class preferences intact with the single-engine Piper Meridian (pictured) and Piper Mirage. They are just flying more efficiently now in response to changes in aviation fuel prices.”

Early in 2012, Piper delivered three new Piper Meridian turboprops into France and a Piper Mirage pressurized single in Switzerland. Additionally, the company has five more M-Class single-engine aircraft set for delivery to retail customers in Europe this year.

“This performance is higher already than we expected for the entire year,” said Enrico Evers, Piper’s Director of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “Winters Aviation has been particularly effective, but indeed the whole EMEA Piper dealer network has been strong.”

Piper’s international aircraft deliveries continued to outpace those in the United States, led by the vigorous sales in Europe, company officials said.

“All of our dealers are fielding more customer inquiries and the recently ended AERO Friedrichshafen aviation trade show generated considerably more leads and aircraft demonstrations than past years,” he said.

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