DWI charge against former FAA administrator dismissed

The Driving While Intoxicated case that led to Randy Babbitt’s abrupt resignation as the FAA’s leader has been dismissed, according to a report at AOPA.org. Babbitt told reporters he bears no ill will against the police officer who arrested him for driving while intoxicated in December, after a Fairfax, Va., judge ruled May 10 that the traffic stop was made on a “mere hunch,” and without just cause.


  1. Moses Lonn says

    Truth is he did nothing illegal and that’s what the court ruled on.  It sounds like Washington politics to me.  And we lost a real advocate for general aviation in the process.

  2. Mark Weller says

    Anyone else in this situation would have been guilty, The head of the FAA…Humm Judge rules in his favor.

  3. shanedr says

    I wasn’t aware a “hunch” wasn’t a valid reason to pull someone over. I think the “rights” issue is a bit overblown. If you don’t want to get pulled over don’t violate the law. Seems simple to me – and the way it ought to be.

    • Moses Lonn says

      Except that he was only guilty of failing to use traffic signals.  Just like the rest of the drivers out there.   At the end of the day, Babbitt is probably much happier out of Washingtoon and back in private practice.  And we lose a GA advocate in a position to do something for us.

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