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We donated a gift subscription to the Friends of Oceano Airport (FOA) for their May 12 Oceano Airport Celebration silent auction. In today’s mail I received a thank you letter from FOA organizers, Mitch Latting and Jolie Lucas. From the letter, “we’ve gathered funds which will help us continue to promote and protect this ‘little slice of paradise’ California beach airport, L52.” With funds from the auction and other fundraisers, FOA has plans to… 

  • acquire an Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS).
  • bring a World War II-era Quonset Hut, with volunteer help, “up to code” so FOA and community groups, “such as our local Boy Scout troop” can safely use it.
  • install a shower and washer/dryer facilities, as well as electrical outlets in the airport campground for “our airport campers.”

None of these projects carry a multi-million dollar price tag, but they will greatly impact people who use the airport. Proof that a passionate group can do great things by simply choosing to… do something.


  1. Sanluisjazzband says

    Thank you Ben for the continued support of Oceano Airport from General Aviation News!   Flying to this unique California Beach Airport is a thrill!  We’ve got loaner bikes for folks to make their way to the beach.  How about taking a bike ride to see our local Monarch Butterfly site next to the beach?  Ride the bikes into Pismo Beach too. Camp in the Oceano Airport Campground too.  Lots of wonderful aspects of the Central Coast can be accessed via Oceano Airport.

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