IMC Club launches new website with a chance to win headset

The new IMC Club International website is up and running, thanks to a generous grant from Hartzell Propeller, and a web design company, Webbright Services. And thanks to the generosity of another IMC Club corporate member, LightSpeed Aviation, if you join the IMC Club or upgrade your membership to full access between now and the beginning of AirVenture on July 23, you will automatically be included in a drawing for a Zulu 2 aviation headset.

With the launch of new website, the IMC Club will begin charging $3 per month for membership. Here’s what IMC Club’s $3 Ground School gets you:

  • The Knowledge Base is set up to put you in contact with a CFII anytime, 24/7. Any aviation related question will be answered, usually within 24 hours. The presentations with “Brain Shark” video module are design to bring members an aviation scenario once a month.
  • No IMC Club Chapter in your area? You can still follow each month’s scenario, with suggested options and analysis, and then post your comments or questions in the specially designated message forum. This provides you with the type of interaction you only get at the “organized hangar flying” sessions at chapter meetings. These video presentations are also compatible with your iPhone or iPad by scanning a QRC code on your computer screen.
  • The SafeBook feature is a great way to keep flying and learn from fellow pilots in your neighborhood. Need a Safety Pilot for instrument proficiency work, or someone to critique your flying skills for free? Just type in your zip code and get a list of members in your area with a short description of who they are, what their flying experience is, and how to contact them.

“Let’s not forget that what we offer is a platform for members to use and which greatly depends on their participation. For someone to find a safety pilot to fly with, we have to have someone else willing to be one. Joining the IMC Club should not be just about gaining access to all the tools that we create but it should be primarily about becoming a part of, and supporting, a group of pilots that believe in helping one another,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, IMC Club President.

The IMC Store now has an arrangement with Tri-Nav Aviation Charts so that you can purchase enroute charts for $49 for each of three sections of the country. The charts are advertised as legal for both IFR and VFR flying and your subscription includes the 28-day updates required by the FAA, plus lists of approach and tower and CTAF frequencies. The $49 annual fee also includes four free months of IMC membership.

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