AMT Model Code of Conduct

I was recently pointed to a little-known document that was constructed by seven well-known individuals in the general aviation industry: The Aviation Maintenance Technicians Model Code of Conduct, which offers recommendations to advance professionalism among aviation maintenance professionals.

The code is organized into seven sections:

  1. General responsibilities of Aviation Maintenance Technicians;
  2. Third-party safety;
  3. Training and proficiency;
  4. Security;
  5. Environmental issues;
  6. Use of technology; and
  7. Advancement and promotion of aviation maintenance.

Each section contains principles and recommended practices for applying the code to individuals or organizations.

The code benefits the individual, industry and the community by:

  • Highlighting practices to support professionalism and safety among AMTs;
  • Promoting improved training, appropriate conduct, and personal responsibility;
  • Encouraging good judgment and ethical behavior;
  • Advancing self-regulation as an alternative to government regulation;
  • Supporting improved communication between AMTs, aircraft owners, pilots, regulators, and others in aviation; and
  • Promoting the recognition of aviation maintenance as a highly respected and rewarding profession.

This as an exceptional tool for the industry as it offers a vision of excellence. Companies can apply this to their departments. From an individual standpoint, this can offer a point of reference for career advancement. At the management level, performance evaluations can be developed from the code and tailored to particular job responsibilities and duties.

The code can be found at


Dale Forton is president of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA).
Find out more about PAMA at


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