ASA Private Oral Exam Guide updated

The Private Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes has been updated to reflect the latest regulations and procedures, and includes a new chapter on Scenario-Based Training by noted expert, 2009 National Flight Instructor of the Year, and recipient of the 2010 NATA Award for Excellence in Pilot Training, Arlynn McMahon.

Scenario-based questions have become an integral part of the Practical Test and an important tool in an examiner’s toolbox. Student responses to these “open-ended” questions demonstrate an understanding of the big picture and convey the practical application of what’s important and why. This new chapter provides insight into these scenario-based questions and will be invaluable to students preparing for their checkride.

Using a question-and-answer format, this Oral Exam Guide lists the questions most likely to be asked by an examiner and provides succinct, ready responses. Immediately following each question line is a reference to the specific FAA source from which the answer is derived.

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