Next-Gen engine data analysis platform available free, the new free-of-charge, web-based, next-generation platform for analyzing piston aircraft engine monitor data, is now open for use by the general aviation community.

The platform accepts data files from all popular makes and models of digital engine monitors — J.P. Instruments, Avidyne, Garmin, Electronics International, Insight Instruments, Ultra-FEI (AuRACLE), Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, etc. — and provides numerous advanced charting capabilities never before available.

This new platform was designed by the professional data analysts at Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc., which provides professional maintenance management for owner-flown piston aircraft, and is now available free with no ads or other strings attached, company officials said.

The site contains a detailed user guide, screen shots, recommended flight test profiles, and data download instructions for various popular engine monitor makes and models. Users now can register for a free account and immediately log in to the platform.


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