Bendix/King unveils myWingMan app

OSHKOSH — Beating the rush, Bendix/King unveiled its new products the day before AirVenture opened, including myWingMan, a flight planning and in-flight navigation support app that provides full enroute navigation on a moving map display, real-time weather information, and synthetic vision. Bendix/King also unveiled a new KMA 30 Bluetooth-enabled audio panel.

Designed specifically for general aviation pilots, myWingMan features:

  • A synthetic vision system, which increases situational awareness by providing pilots with a real-time view of the location of the aircraft with relation to surrounding terrain and a 3-D virtual view outside the cockpit, unencumbered by clouds, fog or darkness.
  • Preflight planning, including a Smart Routing function, which automatically plots the best and most fuel efficient flight route and altitude.
  • Weather capabilities including airborne XM satellite weather.
  • Seamless interaction with certified aircraft systems, including the ability to synchronize flight plans and other data from myWingMan into the selected panel avionics such as the Bendix/King KSN 770 using the Aspen Connected Panel system.
  • A user interface with both two- and three-way split-screen views of available charts and data so pilots can view multiple windows of information at one time and swap views by a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

The app is not yet available, but Bendix/King officials expect it to be available very soon.

The myWingMan application will be offered as a free 60-day trial application in the near future. Following the trial period, myWingMan will be available via an annual subscription of $99 for VFR chart capabilities and $149 for IFR chart capabilities.

The KMA 30 is a six-place (intercom for use in two-six seat aircraft) audio panel that gives pilots’ flexibility and control of all radio and audio systems. It includes the following features:

Flexible radio and music distribution is easily controlled during flight and enables the pilot to adjust how radio communications, cell phone audio and entertainment are distributed throughout the cockpit and to the passengers.

Secondary radio monitoring options include Isolate mode, which ensures that communications on the primary radio are always heard; the secondary entertainment radio is automatically muted when frequency transmissions overlap.

Pilot-controlled Bluetooth integration with cell phones and portable entertainment devices eliminates the need for audio wires in the cockpit.

Recording and playback of recent radio transmissions through the approach control ensure that critical communications are received and understood, improving pilot and passenger safety.

The new KMA 30 audio panel is now available for $2,300 (U.S.) MSRP from authorized Bendix/King dealers.

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