Xtreme Decathlon unveiled at Oshkosh

OSHKOSH — Powered by the new 210-horse Lycoming AEIO-390-A1B6, American Champion Aircraft‘s Xtreme Decathlon was unveiled on opening day of AirVenture 2012.

Still tagged with an experimental sticker, flight testing will begin immediately following AirVenture. “We expect an October 2012 certification,” stated Jerry Mehlhaff, Jr.

The engine is paired with a 76-inch MT Propeller.

“We didn’t stop with a new engine and prop however,” continued Mehlhaff. “We reworked the ailerons, wing tips, and airfoil. We also added a composite floor board, among other tweaks.” In total, engineers were able to shave 20 net pounds, he said.

The Xtreme boasts a $204,900 base price.

For more information: www.amerchampionaircraft.com or 262-534-6315.


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