Women in Aviation to reprise ‘Daughter Day’ at next year’s conference

Women in Aviation, International will repeat “Take Your Daughter to the Conference Day” at its 2013 International Women in Aviation Conference, scheduled for Nashville on March 14-16.

The first “Daughter Day” took place in Dallas at the 2012 conference where the daughters, nieces, granddaughters and friends of WAI members participated, along with local Dallas area Girl Scouts who were invited to take part in this one-day program to introduce them to the aviation community. The girls heard speakers, flew PC simulators, had a scavenger hunt, learned to read a sectional chart, ate lunch as a group, and toured the exhibit hall, WAI officials said.

Experimental Aircraft Association President Rod Hightower was an impetus to launch this program as he attended the WAI Conference with his own daughters, WAI officials said. For the first Daughter Day, more than 140 girls took part. WAI’s Education Outreach Committee, comprised of women who have chosen aviation as a career as well as members of the FAA’s AvEd team, planned and executed the day. A grant from the UPS Foundation funded much of the day’s activities.

“It was exciting to see these young girls enthused and involved in aviation topics,” says WAI President Dr. Peggy Chabrian. “What’s more, we received tremendous positive feedback from our members who supported this program and enjoyed interacting with the girls during the day-long program.”

The second “Take Your Daughter to the Conference Day” will take place on Saturday, March 16, 2013, when WAI meets at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn., for its 24th annual conference. WAI members will be encouraged to take their girls ages 10 to 17 (whether daughter, granddaughter, friend or neighbor) to the conference. In addition, Nashville-area Girl Scouts will be invited to participate and earn an aviation patch.

Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to providing networking, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women and men who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. For more information: 937-839-4647 or WAI.org

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