General aviation operations down at LGB

A report in the Long Beach Business Journal notes that general aviation activity at Long Beach Airport (LGB) in California, dropped about 24% in the first six months of the year compared to the same time last year. That’s a trend that worries GA businesses at the field, according to the report.


  1. Rod Beck says

    How’s your math?
    Lets  assume a G-5 could use Mogas, not likely, since this IS a turbine, how many 172/182’s etc would EQUAL the fuel burn “topoff”of the former?

    Or better still, could the tower at LGB be able to handle the inflex of Mogas aviation consumers (Ultralight owners) – I could see  it now: King Air 67W, your # 87 behiind the Super Duper Utltralight ( already at Vne!) turning an 8 mile final – are you OK slowing to about 80-90 knts for seperation and making “S” turns?”

    Or perhaps, if you really want to SAVE on fuel costs, buy a hang glider!

  2. Ron Wiener says

    General Aviation down at LGB 

    If LGB would allow auto (Mogas) fuel with out ethanol and no lead I think you would see many of the light aircraft flying again. I have a Cessna 182 with Flint tip tanks and fly into LGB and TOA from Tucson on Mogas  round trip costing around 3.50 a gallon. It would also eliminate the law suit on airports using 100 LL. 3/4 of the general aviation could use this fuel.   Ron Wiener Tucson, AZ

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