Aircraft Spruce first US dealer for new Heads Up Device

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has become the first United States dealer for PAT Avionics’ new Heads Up Device (HUD), which was developed and is manufactured in Milan, Italy. HUD data is projected by laser onto a special glass mounted on a flexible frame, providing information on altitude, heading, and airspeed while providing course data on a transparent screen in front of the pilot. The HUD, also known as G-HULP, can work in synch with Dynon Avionics SkyView or can function as a standalone device.

The HUD is designed to function in roll rates up to 300 degrees°/second, at altitudes to 20,000 feet, speeds up to 243 knots and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C. The colors projected on the screen can be varied, company officials said.

“The HUD has the effect of turning homebuilt and LSA pilots into F-16 pilots,” said Jim Irwin, president of Aircraft Spruce. “It’s remarkable what the Experimental Amateur Built permits in the way of new technologies and enhanced safety devices. Hopefully, this product will eventually be available to certificated aircraft pilots.”

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