Alphabet groups call on FAA to fund avgas replacement efforts

A coalition of general aviation associations recently called on the FAA to support additional funding for research into a feasible drop-in replacement for leaded aviation fuel, according to a report at An Aug. 1 letter asks for “adequate funding” of $5.5 million for an avgas program.


  1. Kent Misegades says

    99% of this money will probably go to Swift.  Why not take a portion of it and pay Air Plains of Wellington, KS, to certify their new INPULSE water-injection system for more aircraft?  They already have STCs for the Beech Baron, C210 and C188 aircraft.   For a fraction of the money being spent on finding the mythical drop-in replacement for 100LL, we could have all piston engine planes operating on low-cost, lead-free, ethanol-free mogas in a year or so.  Why continue to keep our eggs all in one basket and develop boutique fuels when an FAA-approved aviation fuel is available in enormous volumes?    There is no logic to the actions of the alphabets in funding only one effort.

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