SAFE Pilot Proficient Project deemed a success

More on 650 aviators participated in the new Pilot Proficiency Project spearheaded by the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) at AirVenture. Conceived by SAFE, presented in partnership with Redbird Flight Simulations, and hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), SAFE member-instructors presented 14 forums, while all 58 simulator training sessions in the Redbird FMX were filled as well, with daily slots booking completely within the first two hours each day, while more than 50 pilots received instruction in Redbird’s Crosswind Trainer. Pilots who participated in the project also qualified for WINGS credit.

SAFE’s Pilot Proficiency Project offers targeted forums as well as simulator training sessions that address key safety of flight topics such as angle of attack awareness, type-specific aircraft issues, glass panels, aeronautical decision making, CFIT, and much more, SAFE officials said.

The simulator sessions were co-developed by SAFE and Redbird educators, and presented a variety of challenging scenarios for VFR and IFR pilots alike, including high density altitude takeoffs and landings, instrument approaches requiring good decision making and attitude flying skills, and several scenarios that incorporate emergencies requiring solid stick and rudder skills as well as good decision making to achieve successful outcomes.

SAFE is now exploring other venues for the Pilot Proficiency Project. Founded in 2009, SAFE represents nearly 700 of the industry’s top aviation educators, including the majority of Master Instructors as well as numerous local, regional, and national General Aviation Awards winners.

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