Chesapeake Sport Pilot offers flight training to wheelchair aviators

Chesapeake Sport Pilot in Stevensville, Maryland, now offers flight training to pilots who require hand controls rather than traditional aircraft foot controls to fly. This training is made possible by a specially outfitted CT LS light sport airplane that is being leased to Chesapeake Sport Pilot by Joseph D’Aguiar.

Flight Design CTLS

“We are ecstatic about this plane that Mr. D’Aguiar has leased to us,” said Helen Woods, Chief Flight Instructor. “It will allow us to branch into a whole new part of the aviation community by providing flight training opportunities to the many disabled veterans in the DC area and others who require hand controls to achieve their dream of flight.”

The CT LS is an all-carbon-fiber, two-place, high-wing,LSA produced by Flight Design, which is a 24-year-old manufacturing company based in Germany. The company remains the worldwide LSA market leader thanks to its popular CT series of aircraft. More than 1,800 Flight Design aircraft are flying around the world and CT is the top-selling LSA in the USA.

Chesapeake Sport Pilot has a fleet of nine aircraft and 16 instructors, each averaging near 10,000 flight hours of experience. CSP offers sport and private pilot training, sport pilot instructor training, gyroplane add-on privileges, and will soon be offering Searey seaplane transition training. CSP is also the mid-Atlantic leader in light sport, experimental, and Rotax maintenance.

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