Van’s introduces RV-14A

Van’s Aircraft surprised the crowds at AirVenture by introducing its newest model, the RV-14A.

Company officials note the new model is a result of several years of intense effort by Van’s engineering staff. The goal was to meet or exceed the performance of a 180-hp/constant-speed RV-7 in an airplane with better comfort, better visibility, longer range and more payload, officials said in a prepared statement.

Something of a “stealth” project, the airplane had already completed a comprehensive test program by the time it was introduced. First flight was on May 2.

The RV-14A is an aerobatic two-seat side-by-side airplane with a 46-inch wide cabin and a 27-foot span. The wing uses the RV-10 airfoil and slotted flaps. A new cowling surrounds a Lycoming IO-390 producing 210 hp, but will accept the 200 hp IO-360. There is no option for a six-cylinder engine, company officials note. Fifty gallons of fuel is housed in two 25 gallon leading edge tanks.

Like all other RVs, the RV-14 is built of riveted aluminum. However, the kit incorporates everything Van’s has learned in 40 years, so building times should be substantially less than previous kits, company officials said. All metal parts are completely formed and pre-punched — even the main longerons. Rivet holes are punched full-size and main spars are assembled at the factory. The canopy bubble will come pre-trimmed. Complete wiring kits and avionics packages are designed and will be offered as options.

Wing kits should be available in September. After that, other airframe kits will be released at regular intervals until the complete airplane is available.

Van’s officials report a tailwheel RV-14 is in the works.

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