Accelerated maintenance training program now offered at GMU

The FAA approved USAeroTech to start accepting students for a new one-year accelerated aircraft maintenance training program in Greenville, S.C.

“Boeing has predicted that over 600,000 new aircraft maintenance technicians will be needed between now and 2031. These are good paying jobs. They usually start at around $45,000 to $60,000 a year and if you are willing to go overseas you can even make $100,000. After three years of working in the field, you can qualify for another designation (Inspection Authorization) that can help you make even more,” according to Mark D. Spang, who is one of four partners who own USAeroTech, a Greenville-based training facility.

“Employees are needed in businesses that repair or manufacture general aviation, corporate or commercial aircraft as well as with companies that repair and manufacture aircraft components. I only know of one graduate that we have taught that isn’t currently employed. If someone is looking for a new career path and they are handy with home repairs, plumbing, automotive repair or are somehow mechanically inclined then they really should consider a career in the aerospace and aviation industries,” said Spang.

“Employers continue to tell us that there is a need for skilled individuals who have some sort of technical training beyond high school. We know that these sorts of jobs tend to pay better than average and that will help increase per capita income in our region,” stated Hank Hyatt, Vice President of Economic Development for the Greenville Chamber. “Having training opportunities like those provided by USAerotech is an important competitive advantage for our community. Now we just need to help educate the general public about what industries have ongoing openings and how to go about getting the training these positions require.”

USAeroTech was started when the four partners were professors in the aviation department of Bob Jones University (BJU). “We were told that BJU’s aircraft maintenance training program was going to be phased out. We looked into making it a one year program and transferring BJU’s FAA certificate to USAeroTech so that our community wouldn’t loose this incredible program. It has been a long road but we were able to do it and now are open for students to enroll,” stated Brett Zukowski, a partner of USAeroTech.

“Since the program is no longer under BJU’s direction, which required additional general and religious course work, we found that we could restructure the curriculum making it shorter, less expensive, and all about aircraft maintenance. This change has also made it possible for more folks to apply and students can attend without going through the BJU application process. We still recommend higher education to students but in addition to job specific certification, not in place of it,” Zukowski mentioned.

The new one-year training program prepares students for the FAA examinations leading to certification as an airframe and powerplant mechanic (A&P certificate). Classes start August 27 at the Greenville Downtown Airport. They will be held 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 48 weeks and consists of classroom instructional time as well as a lot of hands-on training in a large aircraft hangar. Twelve spots are currently open. To enroll in the program one needs to have a GED or high school diploma. Housing can be arranged for people coming to Greenville for this training.

USAeroTech is a professional aircraft maintenance training facility located at the Greenville Downtown Airport in the Upstate of South Carolina. All the owners of USAeroTech are licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and licensed pilots. Three partners are former Bob Jones University aviation department teachers and one partner taught aircraft maintenance at the local technical school prior to forming USAeroTech. Their combined aviation experience exceeds 100 years.

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