STC approval for Aspen Avionic’s Connected Pilot

Aspen Avionics has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval of Connected Pilot, the first in the series of the company’s Connected Panel product line that provides a wireless link between certified instrument panel avionics and portable smart devices.

Leveraging Aspen’s Approved Model List, Connected Pilot is available to owners of more than 900 makes and models of aircraft, and is available for $2,499 through authorized dealers.

The patent-pending Connected Pilot can be integrated with the Aspen Evolution 1500, 2000, or 2500 flight display systems, and synchronizes aviation application data from personal handheld devices with the certified avionics installed in an aircraft’s panel. Designed for Apple iOS mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, Connected Pilot is able to receive data, such as own ship position, from almost any panel-mounted GPS navigator. Additionally, Connected Pilot can enter and synchronize flight plans between Garmin GNS 400W/500W series navigators and Connected Panel Enabled flight planning apps.

Connected Pilot includes hardware, software, and application components. The hardware is enclosed in a small box called the CG100 (patent-pending) that is blind mounted behind the aircraft’s panel. The CG100 contains the operating software, wireless connectivity (WiFi) and flash memory storage, and is configured and maintained via Aspen’s Flight Connect app. The Flight Connect app is available via the iTunes store.

Connected Panel uses cloud-based technology to activate and maintain the CG100 operating system and databases. Biennial renewal for Aspen’s cloud service is $50. Aspen is offering early Connected Pilot customers a two-year complimentary access to Aspen’s cloud-based subscription service.

“While Aspen has created the hardware and software environment to make the integration between smart devices and certified avionics work, it’s the Connected Panel Enabled development partners who really bring this product to life for our customers,” said Brad Hayden, an Aspen spokesman. “It will be new certified avionics hardware and mobile applications that will continue to increase functionality and integration capability for Connected Pilot owners, and thereby help guarantee their investment in their aircraft’s panels.”

Aspen’s current Connected Panel Enabled partners include: AOPA, AvConnect, Avidyne, Bendix/King, BlackBox Aviation Systems, Coradine Aviation Systems, Digital Sectional,, ForeFlight, Hilton Software LLC,, Jeppesen, J.P. Instruments, Parrot, Pinnacle Aerospace, PS Engineering Incorporated, Seattle Avionics Software, and Sporty’s Pilot Shop. These partners offer a variety of solutions that are either now available, or will be available for purchase in the coming weeks and months, that enhance and streamline the way pilots manage all flight related data, company officials said, noting additional partners are being added regularly.

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