PRA newest FAASTeam industry member

The FAA and Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA) signed a letter of understanding, on August 21, which created a high-level relationship between the two organizations. The agreement establishes official contacts between the FAA and PRA as well as documents national media resources, development of safety training and exchange of safety materials between the two organizations.

The PRA is a 50-year-old organization that is the only major U.S. organization representing personal rotorcraft such as Light Sport Rotorcraft, Experimental Amateur Built Rotorcraft, Ultralight Rotorcraft and Certified Personal Rotorcraft.

The PRA has already created the first WINGS safety presentation about how GA aircraft can safely interact with light rotorcraft operations. Through the FAASTeam Industry membership, the PRA will be able to create more such safety programs and make these programs nationally available.

The PRA Officers and Board of Directors is urging all personal rotorcraft owners, pilots and student pilots to join the WINGS and FAASTeam programs. Doing so will enable our community to be better recognized by the FAA and ensure educational programs, safety programs and other important information can be shared, improving the safety culture for the entire sport.

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