Capture your flight hands free

Now available is the Fat Gecko Co-Pilot, which allows you to photograph your best flying or document your training hands free by making it easy to mount any camera inside your airplane for an unobstructed view of the cockpit and the open airspace ahead.

The retractable telescoping bar fits a variety of cockpit widths ranging from 36″ – 49.5″ and creates a stable suspended base for your camera between any two opposing windows. Two industrial locking suction cups secure each end to the window’s surface for a trustworthy hold, even in turbulence, pressure changes and cold temperatures, company officials said.

Attach any camera to the built in standard tripod thread in the center of the bar and lock in your angle to capture the open air or instrument panel, the pilots actions for in-flight training sequences, or the look on your passengers’ faces behind you. Once attached, the camera can be adjusted to shoot up or down, turned sideways or even reversed by loosening the two adjustment knobs on the mount.

Action Cameras like WingmanHD, GoPro and Contour (with adapters) attach seamlessly to the Fat Gecko Co-Pilot to enable wide-angle video shots out the front of the plane that include both front seat occupants, officials said. Standard video and still cameras up to 5 pounds are supported by the Co-Pilot as well.

The Fat Gecko Co-Pilot sells for $99.99, and is available now through Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Aircraft Spruce and PilotMall, as well as other respected pilot supply stores worldwide.

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