Jared Calvert continues 48-state Cub flight

After flying a stock Piper Cub to 32 eastern states over the last few months, 25-year-old Texas pilot Jared Calvert is headed west to complete his 48-state journey. The trip started in a Cub Jared restored and named “Barn Cub.” The flight suffered a major setback this summer after “Barn Cub” was destroyed soon after takeoff at state 19, Ohio. At the time Jared was en route to Lock Haven to attend Sentimental Journey After that, he intended to fly throughout New England and then head west to AirVenture for Cubs2OSH.

Jared Calvert and his J-3 Cub

Recovering from injuries that included broken ribs and fractured vertebrae, Jared worked out a deal with Cub owner Bill Martin to continue the flight and complete his goal.

Seven weeks after the accident, still in pain, Jared returned to the accident site in the replacement Cub to start over. Most recently he flew the Cub through the Hudson River Corridor, twice. Jared says he is looking forward to the trip west and is glad to be flying toward his goal.

Follow Jared’s flight on Twitter @barncub and view pictures of his trip at www.rangerairfield.org.

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