$100 buys a hamburger and hope

HANOVER, INDIANA – Lee Bottom Flying Field (64I) suffered a direct hit by an F4 tornado on March 2. As a result, every piece of equipment and building was either damaged or destroyed. After surveying the damage, it was determined the long popular annual Wood, Fabric & Tailwheels Fly-In could no longer be held. The strip is usable, but the facilities are not. In its place, organizers will hold the $100 Hamburger Tornado Relief Fly-In on Saturday, Sept. 29.

Playing on one of aviation’s most well known themes, the fundraiser is really quite simple. Attendance is $100. Once inside, everyone will receive a free hamburger made by the Friends of Lee Bottom. People wishing to contribute who can’t be on hand can purchase an entry ticket and the Friends of Lee Bottom will give a burger to a kid in their honor.

Proceeds will first go to repairing everything that can be repaired. Beyond that, a building fund will be established.

“It’s about more than a rebuild,” said Lee Bottom’s Rich Davidson. “We would like make this an opportunity to build a new facility that would better serve the pilots who enjoy visiting the field.” Rather than set up portable showers, toilets and temporary catering facilities, they’d like to erect a basic hangar with permanent, but simple facilities to handle whatever the future holds.

If you would like to know more about this fundraiser and how you can contribute, go to LeeBottom.com.

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