VeladoHD debuts sunglasses celebrating Rob Holland

VedaloHD has developed a new black wrap sunglasses frame named in honor of the 2011 World Aerobatic Freestyle Champion, Current US National Aerobatic Champion, and airshow performer Rob Holland.

A portion of the proceeds from each pair of Rob Holland Special Edition Stritanium sunglass sold will go to Warrior Aviation “wings of opportunity,” which pledges “to create opportunities for wounded warriors and their families to follow and realize their dreams.”

The new Rob Holland Special Edition style is made with new Stritanium frame technology that is handmade in Europe. The Stritanium technology was developed by a team of European scientists who developed a new technology enabling them to fuse surgical stainless steel from Denmark with Titanium in a patented process in Germany. The resulting material is extremely light, durable and flexible, company officials said. This new frame technology is so durable it has a lifetime warranty on them, officials add.

“I am extremely excited to launch this line of sunglasses with VedaloHD” said Rob Holland. “I fly a very high performance show and I require a high performance pair of sunglasses. Comfort, superior visual performance and a great look….simply put, VedaloHD are the best.”

Rob also said he was “thrilled that each and every pair of his special edition glasses sold would help Warrior Aviation and the amazing men and women that they serve.”

Rob Holland is the 2011 World Aerobatic Free Style Champion, 2011 US National Aerobatic Champion and 2008 World Advanced Aerobatic Champion. Graduating from Daniel Webster College in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Flight Operations, Rob has accumulated more than 10,000 hours of flight time in over than 160 different types of aircraft in his aviation career. Rob performs in airshows throughout North America.

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