Get a free video of your first solo

It’s the flight we remember all our lives and to help you remember it, Nflightcam makes it possible to record your first solo. Better yet, it will produce a professionally-edited HD video of the experience. Free.

“The first solo is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’d like to help all students preserve it and share it with their families and friends. We thought this would be a good way to introduce our system, and do something good at the same time,” said company founder Patrick Carter, a CFI with over 6,000 hours. “Of all our flights, that first solo is often the most memorable, and in many ways, the most important, so having a way to remember and share it is important, too.”

Nflightcam is a small HD camera and recording device that is unobtrusive and self-contained, weighing 5 ounces and with various mounting options for both inside and outside the aircraft.  The Solo Cam kit includes a suction cup mount that works on any smooth flat surface inside the cockpit.

All a student needs to do is sign up on the website and pay shipping and a camera deposit. After the camera is returned to Nflightcam in the provided, preaddressed shipping container, the student will receive his or her free HD video (and the camera deposit). The video is also a gateway to aviation fame: the first flight will be available on (plus other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube) for the world to see, like this one.

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