Concorde battery approved for Skylanes

Wilco has received FAA approval to modify its STC to convert Cessna Models 182S, 182T and T182T from existing lead acid batteries to Concorde’s valve regulated sealed lead acid recombinant gas batteries.

The STC, SA00753WI, permits the replacement of the main battery alone. The main battery is replaced with Concorde’s RG24-15 or RG24-16.

According to Vice President Mike Hattrup, “Concorde’s valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) recombinant gas (RG) absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology has been proven as reliable, durable and safe for over 30 years. It’s superior performance can be attributed to unique design features such as proprietary PolyGuard separators (an additional layer of protection against shorting, unique to Concorde) robust plate construction, over the cell wall intercell connections for reduced internal resistance and a commitment to quality standards,” he added.

Concorde batteries do not require water or electrolyte replenishment. With the benefit of RG series batteries shipping Hazmat Exempt, transportation is less costly regardless of whether shipping by land, sea or air, company officials said.

Wilco holds 9 STCs allowing for battery installations on more than 450 different models of aircraft including most Beech, Cessna and Piper piston and turboprop aircraft.

Wilco is an after-market distributor of aircraft parts, including Concorde Batteries, Lamar Technologies, LP Aero Plastics, PM Research, Rapco and Rapco and Rapco Fleet Support, and Whelen Lighting, in addition to maintaining over 20,ooo square feet of Piper surplus inventory.

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